Lecture: Survival under Extreme Pressure –POW Lessons

Personal Background

During a mission as a combat pilot in the IDF,  my plane was shot down and I was held captive in an Egyptian prison for three and a half years. Following my release, I continued to serve in the Israeli Air force and take part in combat flights.

In 1983 I left the IAF with the rank of major and since then I have been lecturing to various organisations, schools and other types of educational institutions, about my experiences during those 3 1/2 years of captivity

Survival under Extreme Pressure

The Israeli environment constantly produces challenges, pressures and what seem to be impossible circumstances.

My experience as a POW led me to understand that appropriate mental preparation is the ideal recipe for overcoming even the most severe of pressures.

I wish to share with you my experiences by telling my personal story, whose goal is to deliver the message:

                     “Where there is a will there is a way “

 Subjects covered in the Lecture

Ø     Operational Flight – A desire for excellence – achieving the objectives.

Ø     In Enemy's Captivity – My personal story including interrogations, solitary confinement, faith, norms of behaviour conduct, dynamics of a closed group.

Ø     Time Dimension in Captivity – Communication with the outside World, productive time utilization, choice: "to fall or grow ".

Ø     Back to the Rat Race of Life – Emotional and sensual saturation, facing up to psychological depravations, adaptation.

Length of the lecture: 60-70 minutes or twice 50 minutes